Social Movements and Global Social Change: The Rising Tide

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August Schaeffer global sociology, Kansas State Univ. Starting with the importance of moving from dynastic empires to republics--that is, constitutional governments based on popular sovereignty-- the author traces the historical rise, democratization, and expansion of citizenship, beginning with the US.

Social Movements and Global Social Change

In addition to focusing first on social change and then examining how social movements contributed to it, a distinctive feature of this work is its consideration of how both liberty and equality have advanced in some ways, while subordination and inequality have endured in others. The book closes with a critical discussion of primary social movement theories. The author takes an optimistic long view of social movements and social change "tempered by a realistic appreciation of its limits. Reed, University of Nevada-Las Vegas.

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Is the Library a Political Institution? In this fifth edition, Robert Schaeffer explores how globalization impacts long-term processes such as development, democratization, and climate change, and how it can create short-term crises, such as war and conflict, and the global financial crisis that began in the United States.

As a geographer, I appreciate that the book soundly documents the consequences that globalization has on both people and places, and that it seeks to explain a dynamic that is unevenly experienced around the world. The book is both accessible and substantial-a rare accomplishment.

The Rising Tide

It has become my 'go-to' book on globalization. Schaeffer turns his gaze to topics as varied as inflation, debt crises at home and abroad, stock market booms and busts, hunger and agriculture, free trade agreements, global climate change, democratization, and the global drug trade. In nearly every case, the research is solid and the choice of details fascinating. I would recommend this book for general readers.

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Robert K. Schaeffer is professor of sociology at California Polytechnic State University. Preface Introduction 1. The Crisis of Globalization 2.

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    Financial Crisis and Great Recession 5. Democratization in the Republics 6. Division and Sub-division, Conflict and War 7. Globalization and China 8. Marginalization and Exit in Africa 9. Globalization and Global Warming.